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photo by Chancelor Humphrey

Born Bernard Calvin Eure III, Nardo Says came of age in Norfolk, Virginia where he began singing in church at the age of five and never stopped. He spent years honing his skills, developing a love for poetry in high school, and slowly transitioned to emceeing.

After school, he began learning production and started performing under several monikers (Ol’ Soul, Bobby Blunt, etc.). He went on to create several projects with longtime deejay and producer friends.

As his sound matured, he wanted a name that signified that change and chose Nardo Says, a play on his real name and a promise to always ‘say’ something meaningful. Over his ten plus years of learning and developing as an artist, Nardo has always provided listeners with unafraid and insightful words. Whether its song like ‘Well Did I Stutter‘ that describes the other side of the speech impediment or a song like ‘Fallin‘ which is about ebb’s and flows of love, Nardo communicates messages beautifully.

Other songs like ‘Space and Time‘ shows a creative range of exploration while cuts like ‘Possibilities‘ take the listener away on a soulful vibe. Nardo’s range is expansive and hard to put in just one genre. He truly owns his art.